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David Matthews
Camera Operator

Contact Details:

For availability and bookings please call Kirsty on 0208 840 6030 or mail the crew@thefirm.co.uk


David started his career at BBC Pebble Mill before moving on to BBC Television Centre via BBC Bristol. He then left the BBC for Yorkshire TV before spending a year at ITN before becoming freelance in 1985.

During his long and varied career, David has operated cameras on a wide range of multi-camera live and recorded productions and OB's using pedestals, long lenses, wide angle lenses with many different sized cameras that have been tracked on studio floors or 150 feet in the air trying to follow a golf ball!


Studio Camera Operator, Studio Multi-Camera Operator, Hot Head

Useful to know:

UK driving licence, UK passport



Production Company

Genesis in Rome
Concert for Diana
European Tour Golf
Hell's Kitchen

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