Diary Service for TV Camera Crew


Phil Piotrowsky
Camera Supervisor & Handheld Specialist

Contact Details:

For availability and bookings please call Kirsty on 0208 840 6030 or mail the crew@thefirm.co.uk


Phil has worked in the industry as freelance cameraman for 20 years, specialising in handheld camera work.

He initially trained at Limehouse studios and TVAM before embarking on his freelance career working on many great shows, some of the highlights being:

  • The Word
  • Top Gear
  • TFI Friday
  • Don't Forget Your Toothbrush
  • MTV Awards 1996 - 2002

Phil has been awarded an Emmy for his work on Janet Jackson Live 1999 and an RTS Award for the recent Kylie Show on ITV1.

As a highly skilled handheld cameraman and supervisor, Phil continues to be in huge demand for all major events and shows.


Handheld Cameraman, Lighting Cameraman, Studio Camera Supervisor, Studio Camera Operator, Studio Multi-Camera, Hot Head

Useful to know:

UK Driving licence, UK Passport, International USA & Australian work visa



Production Company

Abba Mania 2
Alter Ego
An Audience with Neil Diamond
Are you Smarter?
Are You Smarter? April 2008
Are You Smarter? Aug 2008
Are You Smarter? July 2008
Audience with Celine Dion
Audience With Donny Osmond
Baddiel & Skinner Unplanned
Bafta Tribute - Bruce Forsythe
Bafta Tribute - Victoria Wood
Billy Connoly Tribute
Birth Night Live
Blue Concert
Born To Win Final
Boys & Girls Apr 03
Boys & Girls Feb 03
Boys & Girls Jan 03
Boys & Girls Mar 03
Boys & Girls May 03
Brighton concert
Britain's Hardest Man
Britain's Prodigies
Brits ITV2
Brits pre-show
Bump and Grind pilot
Channel Islands
Charlotte Church 2007
Charlotte Church Show
Charlotte Church Show Series 3
Chemical Brothers
Children in Need concert 2006
Christine Aguillera
Christmas Mania
Cliff Richard - Leeds Castle
Cliff Richard concert
Come & Have a Go
Comic Relief
Concert for MTV
Concert in Liverpool
Crimewatch 2008
Dance Star Awards 2002
Dance Star USA
Dave Gilmour
David Bowie
Departure Lounge
Destiny's Child
Diana Concert Inserts
Don't Forget The Lyrics
Don't Forget The Lyrics 2008
EastEnders - Children in Need special
EastEnders Music Spectacular
Elton John
Elton John Tribute
EMMA Awards
Evening Standard Awards
Everybody Dance Now
Fame Academy
Fashion Rocks
Fashion Show - Riverside
Fashion Show 2
For the Rest of Your Life
Frost Report
Full Metal Challenge 12&13
Full on Food
Full on Food pilot
Full on Food Spring 2005
George Michael
Get Your Act Together
Gospel Concert
Grandslam - June
Grease Mania
Great North Run
Guilty Pleasures
He's Having A Baby!
How Gay Are You?
How to Improve Your Memory
In Your Ear pilot
Insert for Record of the Year
It Takes 2 Oct 2006
It Takes Two. Dec 2006
Jamie Oliver
Jason Donovan concert
Jeff Green video
Johnny & Denise Pilot
Johnny Vaughan Feb 04
Johnny Vaughan Feb 2003
Johnny Vaughan Mar 04
Johnny Vaughan March 2003
Johnny Vaughan Oct.
Johnny Vaughan Rehearsal
Johnny Vaughan Sept.
Johnny Vaughan Summer 02
Johnny Vegas
Jonathan Ross 03
Jonathan Ross 2004
Jonathan Ross Autumn 02
Jonathan Ross Autumn '04
Jonathan Ross Autumn 2003
Jonathon Ross 2002
Kerrang Awards
Kylie Special
Lab Rats
Lenny Henry Series
Lenny Henry: This is my Life
Let Me Entertain You
Lionel Ritchie
Live Earth concert
Live With Chris Moyles Dec 02
Live With Chris Moyles Nov 02
Live With Chris Moyles Oct 02
Live With Chris Moyles Sept 02
Live with Christian O'Connell April 03
Live With Christian O'Connell Feb 03
Live With Christian O'Connell June 03
Live With Christian O'Connell March 03
Live With Christian O'Connell May 03
Liverpool Nativity
Lottery Show
The London Studios Music Awards
Michael MacIntyre
Michael Parkinson Compilation Show
Millionaire Manor
Mobo Awards 2003
Mobo's 2004
MTV Awards 2002
National Movie Awards
National Music Awards
Nobel Peace Prize Concert
Noel Edmunds Show
Now That's What I Call TV
Now That's What I Call TV 2007
OFI Sunday
Olympic handover concert
Olympic Torch Concert
One Show Oct 2008
One Show Sept 2008
Only Fools on Horses BBC3
Parkinson 2004
Parkinson Autumn 2005
Parkinson Autumn 2006
Parkinson Autumn 2007
Parkinson Spring 2005
Parkinson Spring 2006
Parkinson Spring 2007
Parky interviews Melvyn Bragg
Pay Day
Pepsi Max Download
Peter Cook Tribute
Petrol Heads
Petrol Heads pilot
Plastic Surgery Live
Police Bravery Awards
Primal Scream
Prince's Trust 30th Birthday Concert
Prince's Trust Fashion Rock
Q Awards 2002
Quiz Show pilot
Ralph Sparks Job
Record of the Year
Record of the Year 2004
Restoration Final
Rocky Horror Show
Rod Steward Concert
Rolf Harris Tribute
Rolf on Art
Rolf on Art 2005
Rolling Stones
Ronan Keating '02
Royal Variety Performance 2003
Scandanavian Hit Awards
Secret Policeman's Ball
Secret Policeman's Ball 2008
Secrets of Magic
Sex Show
Shark Infested Custard
Sharks in America!
Sopot Festival
Sopot Festival 2006
Sopot Festival 2007
Sport Relief 2006
Stars in Their eyes
Strictly Come Dancing @ NEC
Strictly Come Dancing June 04
Super Human
Survivor Final 2002
T4 May 2002
Take That
Teaching Awards 2007
Terry & Gaby Aug '03
Terry & Gaby Dec '03
Terry & Gaby Feb 04
Terry & Gaby Jan 04
Terry & Gaby Jul '03
Terry & Gaby June 2003
Terry & Gaby Mar 04
Terry & Gaby May 2003
Terry & Gaby Nov '03
Terry & Gaby Oct 03
Terry & Gaby pilot
Terry & Gaby Sep '03
Test the Nation
Test the Nation Dec 2003
The Apprentice - You're Fired
The Apprentice: You're Fired
The Apprentice: You're Fired
The Big C Concert
The Concert of Hope
The Dame Edna Treatment
The F Word
The Great Pretender
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The Number 1 Soap Fan
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Viewer of the Year
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